Rapid Eye Techniques

Rapid Eye Techniques (RET) are innovative, cutting edge processes that enable the release of on-going stress, pain or negative emotions like fear, anger, pain, and sadness that may limit your ability to live a productive life. It is a proven system that is gentle, non-invasive and life affirming and can help you make rapid and lasting changes towards unlocking old wounds of the past, and moving you towards living the best life you can imagine.

Do you find yourself experiencing repeated negative situations or events that keep you reliving or replaying negative emotional patterns? RET is for you if you have experienced childhood and/or adult trauma from such things as family dysfunction or emotional neglect, divorce or separation, death, loss or an accident, abandonment or betrayal, abuse or illness. These experiences may create barriers to finding joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

With RET you can:

  • — Stop automatically reacting to situations with anger, fear or guilt
  • — Release the pain of past experiences that continue to affect your well-being today
  • — Free yourself from repetitive blocks or negative emotional states that make you feel unsuccessful and stuck

And then you can begin to:

  • — Have more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • — Feel more self-confident and able to meet life fully
  • — Feel more whole and connected to your life and other people
  • — Be more able to respond in the moment, free to choose to do what is appropriate now
  • — Learn and apply Right Life Skills to create long lasting life changes


It is a simple and holistic process using Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and blinking, breathing,  imagery, and positive reframing in one-on-one sessions.

The rapid eye movement in Rapid Eye Technology is thought to duplicate, in a conscious state, the same deep processing, ordering, and discharging that we do naturally each night during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep.  It is said that the “eyes are the windows of the soul”.  The eyes are the direct link to the brain and the limbic system where the body stores emotional experiences.  Through blinking and eye movement it has been found that we can directly access and release emotional, physical and mental trauma and stress.

Rapid Eye Therapy incorporates brain accessing methods from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to clear negative patterns stuck on distorted neural pathways of the brain.  The RET techniques naturally engage processing at a deeper level and accelerate inner child work — the healing of traumas from early years.  It is structured so that as old patterns are released, new positive options are chosen in their place.  This process appears to make connections between the right and left brain which enables us to receive insight about our life and come to a sense of resolution and acceptance about the past.