Right Life Principles

As you embody these 7 Power Principles for Right Living, you move beyond old familiar habits to create possibilities for new behaviors and experiences.  These principles, when understood and applied, can lead us to our most fulfilling, and satisfying Right Life.

1 – THE PRINCIPLE OF THOUGHT — Thought is the beginning of creation. Consistent and persistent thought creates our life experience. When we know, feel, believe something, we bring it into our life as an experience. We can change our thinking and thus change our lives.

2 – THE PRINCIPLE OF PERCEPTION — Perceptions form the basis of our opinions, the quality of our relationships, our feelings, our behaviors, and even the quality of our life experiences. An experience is just an experience … until a perception is placed upon it! When we change/reframe our perception (we see our experience from a different perspective) then we may have dramatic and instant changes in our behavior.

3 – THE PRINCIPLE OF CHOICE & ACCOUNTABILITY — In every moment and with each experience, we have the opportunity to choose either what we will experience or how we will respond to the experience. Taking responsibility for our choices enables us to take charge of our thoughts, feelings and actions, if we don’t like what we are experiencing, we may always choose again. A wise mentor once told me, keep choosing what you are getting and before long you will get what you choose (John Enright).

4 – THE PRINCIPLE OF CAUSE & EFFECT — This is the principle of “sowing and reaping” or as stated by Ernest Holmes, the Law of Mind or the creative power of mind. Whatever we give our energy to — through repeated thoughts, feelings and actions (whether positive or negative) — will come back to us multiplied.

5 – THE PRINCIPLE OF GRATITUDE & ABUNDANCE — Being grateful for all the good we now have and receive is a powerful way we can begin to bring abundance into our lives. Being grateful means bringing our awareness to the good in life and therefore increasing and energizing our experience of it. However if we focus on lack rather than abundance we decrease the chance to bring good into our lives and in fact increase our sense of lack.

Prosperity is the experience of having plenty of what we truly need and want in life, material and otherwise.” To have abundance and prosperity we need to “discover what we truly need and want in life and then recognize, appreciate and enjoy what we have.”
Shakti Gawain (italics)

6 – THE PRINCIPLE OF HEALTH & HEALING — We have the ability to influence the level of health and well-being we experience by how we respond to our lives. As we let go of pain, challenges and negative experiences in our lives (through Rapid Eye Therapy or other means) , we can bring health and balance to our lives (body, mind and spirit).

7 – THE PRINCIPLE OF HARMONY & ONENESS — All life is interconnected, we are all part of the energy of life, part of nature and creation. When we are out of “step” with the natural rhythm of life we create disharmony, and pain in our lives. We create separation by resistance, by insisting on doing it “our way” or (due to fear) by refusing to trust in the goodness of life. When we trust and flow with the events in our lives, we stay connected to realizing our Right Life and welcome change.