Rapid Eye Therapy Testimonials


good friend in Seattle was always worried about her physical safety when driving, especially on I-405.  Several years ago, while driving on 405, she sat in helpless terror as she saw a piece of sheet metal fly off a truck in front of her and hit the underside of her car.  She barely made it off the freeway and to a station, the metal had sheared off her oil pan and ruined her engine.

Her fear continued to grow when the insurance agent explained in detail how dangerous 405 is, how she could have been killed. That summer, driving on 405 every day, she had another near accident. By this time she was in constant fear of driving the freeway. Always tense, she didn't even want to be a passenger on the freeway, much less drive.

During a session of Rapid Eye Therapy, her therapist used RET on this fear. Afterwards she has commented to me several times that she can't get over how comfortable she feels driving on 405, even with trucks on both sides of her. She still knows 405 is a dangerous road, however she is no longer tense or anxious... just alert.


It has helped me release past emotions so that they do not inappropriately confuse current emotions.

The (RET) work that I did enabled me to make changes within my self that I was able to really see in my external life.  I have an acceptance of who I am and how I influence my environment and the relationships that I now draw into my life. I am better able to make decisions. I feel more confident about myself and my ability to live life more effectively. I feel integrated."  I.S.

I feel more confident and cared for. I feel I can make choices better. I can have feelings, but they don't rule me. RET has helped me release pain and negativity that has held me back. I feel I am better able to reach my potential.

(I made) monumental changes from living in terror and self-hatred to feeling good about myself and my life.


I invite you to explore the information we have provide here and if the Rapid Eye process resonates with you and/or if you have questions and need more information please feel free to give me a call or email.