What is Rapid Eye Therapy

apid Eye Technology, (RET), was founded by Dr. Ranae Johnson, PhD. Years of research combined with inspired techniques at the Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon, have brought forth a treatment process that clears away negative feelings and experiences, and produces lasting change.

RET is a life-giving, healing program for anyone who is experiencing on-going stress or has experienced childhood and/or adult trauma as a result of family dysfunction, divorce, separation, death, loss, abandonment, betrayal, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, catastrophic shock, or life-threatening accident or illness.

It is a simple and holistic process using Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and rapid blinking, imagery, and positive reframing in one-on-one sessions.

Rapid Eye Therapy incorporates brain accessing techniques from NLP NeuroLinguistic Programming) to quickly clear negative patterns stuck on distorted neural pathways of the brain.

The RET process uses Neural-integration, which engages processing at a deeper level and accelerates inner child work -- the healing of traumas from early years. It is structured so that as old patterns are released, new positive options are chosen in their place.

If you have any questions and/or need more information you can contact me using the phone number or the email link listed below.